Luke cannnalonga

Quick As Thieves 10 km

I'm stepping up to help restore sight!

Currently 43 million people around the world are blind but 9 out of 10 don't have to be!

I need your help - a simple procedure costing as little as $25 can help restore sight and change their life and the lives of their families and communities for ever!

On Saturday, 11 May 2024, I will run in the Quick as Thieves event together with Mike Toner, and I am committed to raise enough funds to help restore sight to at least 40 needlessly blind people!

Please support my run - Your donations will ensure more training of local eye doctors, nurses and health workers, creating a sustainable health care system in the communities that need our help the most.

The Fred Hollows Foundation's work has a very clear purpose: to make sure everyone, whether they’re rich or poor, has access to high quality, affordable eye health as we enjoy right here in this country.

Together, you and I can change lives, thank you for your support!

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