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Is there an entry fee for Quick as Thieves Run?

No, but be aware that organising such an event comes with substantial costs per participant, including insurance, logistics, signage, bibs, first aid, medals, T-shirts, to name a few. All these costs must be paid up front months in advance.

We have decided to waive an entry fee and will work hard to secure event sponsors helping us to recover some of the expenses running this event. 

Please note, Quick as Thieves is as much a physical challenge as it is a fundrasing challenge. We are counting on your commitment to reach the minimum personal fundraising target of $1,000, which will help restore sight to up to 40 needlessly blind people.

Thank you!

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What happens if I have to withdraw from the event?

If you have to withdraw from this event prior the race day you can simply let us know by email and we will withdraw you from the run. Unless otherwise advised by you, we will keep your fundraising page live, in the hope that you will continue fundraising for our cause, however you can just let us know if you prefer us to delete your fundraising page together with your race entry.

IMPORTANT: Should you have to withdraw on race day or during the actual run, you need to let the race organiser know immediately for safety and security reasons!

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When is Quick as Thieves Run and what time does it start?

The fourth Quick as Thieves event will be held on Saturday, 11 May 2024. You can register here.  Note that your start time varies depending the distance you signed up for. Please check your personal webpage for details. All events (runs) will finish at 3 pm in afternoon.

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When can I register for the event?

You can register for this event right now. Check out the website and our other FAQ for details and contact us with any events question you may have on +61 (0) 405 966 065 or for fundraising inquiries on 1800 627 892 or email us.

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Can I register on the day?

Yes, there are limited spots available on the day, however note certain start waves or events may be sold out. You will also have to pay an administration fee of $100 to enter the event and collecty your bib number.

Since this is a fundraising challenge, you are expected to raise at least $1,000, therefore it is best you register well in advance to have time to reach your fundraising target.

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When do I receive my race bib?

All race bibs will be handed out on Event Day at the Registration Desk prior your start wave. Please allow at least 30 minutes prior start to collect your bib number.

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Can I change my start time allocation?

Yes, subject to availability you may be able to swap into another start wave. You can update your start wave on-line once you logged-in to your fundraising page. On event day, please check-in at registration desk. Please note spots in each start wave may be restricted or sold out.

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How can I find out more about the race?

Once you are registered for the event you will receive regular updates from Mike Toner and The Foundation, informing you about the event, training and fundraising. Join our private Facebook Group and our What's App training groups to connect and find out more about QaT event.

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Are there any age restrictions? 

Anyone over the age of 18 years can participate in the Quick as Thieves Run.


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Is fundraising mandatory?

Yes, we believe that everyone who signs up for this challenge is motivated enough to help restore sight to needlessly blind people. As little as $25 can help restore sight to a needlessly blind person. 

Fundraising is easy and fun and we will help you with tips and tricks along the way, last year the average fundraising was over $2,200 per participant. Our goal is for each participants to embraces the challenge and fundraise a minimum of $1,000 to help restore sight to as many as 40 blind people.  

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How much of the money raised will go to help restore sight?

100% of the money raised goes to The Foundation. Details of how they spend your donation can be found in their annual reports.

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Can I donate to The Foundation on the day of the event?

Yes, try sending out an SMS or email to your network on the day of your race will have a big impact. Your  fundraising page will stay open until 20 December, so  you can let your supporters know even after your race that they still can support your challenge.

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How can my friends sponsor me?

Simply send them the link to your online fundraising page and invite them to donate to you. You can use Social Media links to spread the word and engage your network to support you. And never hesitate to call us for help - 1800 627 892. 

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Can I edit my online page?

Yes, it is not only simple to do but highly recommended. A personalise fundraising page with photos and personal message will attract more donors and help you reach your fundraising goal quicker.

Facebook Fundraising

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I shared my fundraising page on Facebook and it prompted me to add a donate button, should I use this?

DO NOT accept the Facebook prompt to create another fundraising page!

Only post your personal message with a link to your fundraising page on Facebook.

Facebook donations are handled by a third party website and we are unable to sync donations from Facebook Fundraiser with your Quick as Thieves Fundraising page.

We suggest you ignore the Facebook Fundraising prompt.

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Will the money raised through Facebook go to The Fred Hollows Foundation?

Yes, it will. Any donations received through that link you posted on your Facebook will be sent to The Fred Hollows Foundation.

These donations will show on your fundraising page as a 'Facebook' donation (not the name of your donor) and a tax deductible receipt will be issued directly by Facebook to your donor, as Facebook has collect and distribute the donations received.

Please call us on 1800 627 892 if you need assistance or have a question.

The Course

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How will I know where to go?

Follow the leader!

The course will follow the public walk and cycling path around Albert Lake, so to get lost in this race you have to try very hard... 😆

You will see event signage and meet volunteers along the route to cheer you on and assist.

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Are there other people using the race route?

YES! Please look out for other people on the course route, the general public and slower runner have right of way all the time! Please keep to the left to allow others to pass. 

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Are there check-points along the way?

Yes, you will find a few checkpoints along the route, rougly every 1-2 km. And of course your friends and families are also welcome to support you along the loop. Just make sure you step away from the path when you have a break so others can safely pass you.

Event Day

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What happens if it rains on event day?

Rain, hail or shine, the event will go ahead. We do advise that participants bring wet (or warm) weather gear should the weather forecast be bad.

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Is there drinking water available along the course?

Yes, the Check Points will have water for you to fill your own drink bottles. There are also additional public water fountains along this course. Please note that our event is a cup-free event, so all participants will need to bring their own water bottle.

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What should I bring on the day?

We recommend that you bring a cap, sunscreen, sunglasses and wet weather gear if forecast is for rain. We also try to reduce waste and make this event sustainable, so if you can, please bring a refillable water bottle or cup for your run.

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How do I get to the start?

The Start / Finish area is next to Greenfields at Albert ParkCnr Lakeside Drive and Queens Road.

Please catch public transport to start or car pool. There is limited payable parking available. Please follow the instruction of our road marshalls.

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What can I expect at the checkpoint?

The Check Point will provide you with water and other refreshments, first aid, toilets and free sunscreen. There are toilets, water fountains and evenb a café shops along the route where you can find refreshments if necessary.

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Will a receive a medal at the finish?

Yes, to celebrate your achievement you will receive a special  Quick as Thieves medal at the finish line. All participants will also receive a Certificate of Acknowlegement, which will be emailed the week after the event. There are special rewards to our top fundraisers as well as fastest runners!

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Can I buy a T-shirt of this event?

At this stage we are not planning to sell merchandise, however, all registered participants who raised the minimum $1,000 will receive the 2024 QaT racing shirt.