How to reach your $1,000 fundraising target?

Use the below tips and your fundraising efforts will pay off.

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Upload a profile picture

Upload a profile image and give your fundraising page a personal touch. Your supporters will be able to find you easier on the website. Make sure you tell your story, update the blog regularly and share your journey of training and  passion for restoring sight.

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Lead the way and sponsor yourself

Participants who make a donation themselves will raise twice as much as people who don't! Your friends and family will be encouraged to follow in your foot steps and make their donations to help you reach your goal. And make sure that each time you have achieved your goal, use the option to increase it! As long as there's a goal to aim for, people will give. Simply login and update your goal.

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Ask and you shall receive

Ask everyone you know to support your efforts to restore sight. Log in to your fundraising account, go to 'My Fundraising', then 'Get Support'.

We’ve done most of the work for you – select our email templates and send it to your own email address, that way you can personalise it before forwarding to your contacts.

Remember - if you don’t ask, people won't know. If you tell people about your efforts, they will likely want to support your challenge and donate.

You may be surprised who will support your challenge to help restore sight to needlessly blind people.

And don’t forget to thank your supporters for their donations!

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Make a pledge!

A great way to get support for your challenge is to make a pledge to do something fun when you reach a fundraising target!

For example, you could pledge to complete the hike dressed up as a superhero after reaching your fundraising target!

Or think about holding a movie or trivia night and invite your networkt? Contact us for details.

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Social media is key!

Facebook is the perfect platform for fundraising. People who use social media raise on average twice as much as other fundraisers!

Share your fundraising page on all your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn) to maximise your donations.

Send a personal message to your friends explaining your reasons to help needlessly blind people and ask for their support.