The Strugglers

Quick As Thieves 10 km

We're stepping up to help restore sight!

Currently 43 million people around the world are blind but 9 out of 10 don't have to be!

A simple procedure costing as little as $25 can help restore their sight and change their life and the lives of their families and communities for ever!

On Saturday, 11 May 2024, we will run in the Quick as Thieves event with Mike Toner, to help The Fred Hollows Foundation restore sight!

Your donation will ensure that The Foundation can continue to train and empower local eye doctors, nurses and health workers, creating a sustainable health care system in the communities that need our help the most.

Their work has a very clear purpose: to make sure everyone, whether they’re rich or poor, has access to high quality, affordable eye health as we enjoy right here in this country.

Togheter we can change lives, thank you for your support!

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